The Dos and Don’ts of Reputation Management

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Reputation management offline is a crucial task, let alone when it’s already online where people can see everything that your company and business is doing with one tap of the finger. The thing is, whatever a client or customer knows about you first is the thing that will stick to them forever. Yes, forever.

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What is programmatic advertising? An idiot’s guide to the world of programmatic advertising

NAM Blog - Featured Photo Test (6).pngIf you are marketer, you probably have been hearing of “programmatic advertising” from your colleagues who happened to be more technologically advanced with his marketing knowledge as you are. Programmatic advertising became popular in 2012 when companies became tired of talking to every website owner and blogger to feature their ads in those sites. Yes, programmatic advertising is the solution to the manual online ad buying. I will explain it to you more closely in pure English here below:

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Offline Marketing is not dying – It’s dead!

1You have billboards all over the place, posters at every lamp post, radio ads every minute, and you think all of these are already enough to sell your product. Well, sometimes they are, but more often, they are total waste of money, energy, and brand value. This is the same reason why marketers around the world are already transitioning (or have already transitioned) to online marketing and advertising.  By the end of 2014, a marketing faux pas started in facebook with the rise of social media and content of marketing, but just so you know, this is not all of it. Marketers have various effective strategies that draw in brand awareness and sales more effectively and cost-friendly than your traditional T.V. ads. Here are four reasons why they did away of offline marketing and switched to online:

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