Offline Marketing is not dying – It’s dead!

1You have billboards all over the place, posters at every lamp post, radio ads every minute, and you think all of these are already enough to sell your product. Well, sometimes they are, but more often, they are total waste of money, energy, and brand value. This is the same reason why marketers around the world are already transitioning (or have already transitioned) to online marketing and advertising.  By the end of 2014, a marketing faux pas started in facebook with the rise of social media and content of marketing, but just so you know, this is not all of it. Marketers have various effective strategies that draw in brand awareness and sales more effectively and cost-friendly than your traditional T.V. ads. Here are four reasons why they did away of offline marketing and switched to online:

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Traditional ads aren’t just not effective – they are annoying, simply for the reason that there are so many of them. Imagine a stroll around your city and you’ll find hundreds of different ads from billboards to lamppost banners to small flyers. They are literally everywhere. Not to mention that whenever you ride a cab, radio ads will haunt you from the moment you step in to the time you reach your destination. At some point, these strategies worked. However, the landscape of audience has already evolved to an “ad biased” one. The new generation has already built a safe wall against advertising which is what we all know now as cognitive bias. People already turned a blind eye to posters and deaf ears to radio ads and jingles. There’s so much ad clutter and noise today that studies have shown the “majority of consumers would boycott companies that bother them with too much advertising.”Title Text (12)3.png

When you put up a billboard along the highway, you are hoping that a person interested in your product might pass by and see your ads. Well, of course. Some of your target market might see that ads you set up but always remember that not everyone who sees your ad is part of your target market. This only means that you spent on those people who are actually irrelevant to your product. And as we all know, yeah, BILLBOARDS ARE EXPENSIVE. The point here is that although you were able to reach out to your target market to some extent, you lose money by spending on advertising to a market that will never convert to as a client or a customer.

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Let’s face it. Not everything that you tell your target market works. That is why you need to test your message and value communication strategies every now and then to see which one brings the most sales. However, as has been established, setting up a new billboard or recording a new jingle for radio is very expensive making a test for the messages you send is a little impractical. More than that, every costumer or client is different – having different motivations, touch points – meaning each requires a different set of messages to be communicated. A mother may respond to a different message than to that a working single woman would and since you cannot afford to put up two separate billboards that talks to both demographics, you have to result to putting up a generic one – a compromise that does not work, most of the time.Title Text (14).png5.png

One of the most crucial steps in successfully managing an ad is to analyze the metrics and see if the ad actually works. This way, you can formulate sound marketing decisions regarding the advertisement – whether you will still continue it, change the targeting, among others. With traditional offline advertising, there is no way that you can measure the results. You will never exactly know how many people looked at the billboard or heard the radio ad and you will never know if the new clients who entered your store were drawn in because of the ad you posted. This cripples your ability to decide and control your results. And, knock-knock, you might be spending on an ad that is not effective after all.

There are other more reasons why you have to already drop your offline advertising or at least transition to online campaigns. But for now, these are the most important ones. And to help you jumpstart the online advertising for your company, New Angeles Media is offering the best support and all you need is to contact one of their experts. Always remember, it is never too late to migrate to online platforms!


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