The Dos and Don’ts of Reputation Management

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Reputation management offline is a crucial task, let alone when it’s already online where people can see everything that your company and business is doing with one tap of the finger. The thing is, whatever a client or customer knows about you first is the thing that will stick to them forever. Yes, forever.

So how can you make sure that your online reputation is on point? Well, there are different effective management techniques you can use. Whether you are planning to hire a ORM company or to do this task yourself, you can start with the following do’s and don’ts to jumpstart your online reputation management.

Title Text (3)The first thing that your client will see when they open your Facebook page or your website is your content. And it is very important to keep them to the highest quality. No one wants to read a crappy article or a pixelated photo right?

Title Text (2)Although it is true that putting up links is what drives traffic and increase your search engine standing, do not over-do it. Make sure that all the links you show in your website or Facebook page are quality links; otherwise suffer the consequence of a distasted client or worse, a ban from the Google system!Title Text (4)One of the best way to maintain a good reputation online is to track all online activity that includes your name, brand image, etc. One simple tool is Google Alerts. There are also other good tools you can use which you can find if you will just look hard enough.Title Text (5)As much as you wanted to burn people who negatively comments to reviews, do not ever show that online. You can murmur or pass the frustration on to a friend but never on online and open forums. I think this is quite self-explanatory.Title Text (6)There are currently over 2 billion people across the major social networks. Not only should your brand be active with their own social profile pages, but it’s a great way to monitor what other people are saying about your brand and also connecting with your audience and customers in the process.

Now that you already have a few things to consider, start prospecting for a ORM company or applying these tips by yourself.

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