What is programmatic advertising? An idiot’s guide to the world of programmatic advertising

NAM Blog - Featured Photo Test (6).pngIf you are marketer, you probably have been hearing of “programmatic advertising” from your colleagues who happened to be more technologically advanced with his marketing knowledge as you are. Programmatic advertising became popular in 2012 when companies became tired of talking to every website owner and blogger to feature their ads in those sites. Yes, programmatic advertising is the solution to the manual online ad buying. I will explain it to you more closely in pure English here below:

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Title Text (7).pngProgrammatic advertising is a form of ad buying where the advertiser uses software to purchase digital advertising space, as opposed to the manual way using human interactions, manual insertion orders, and sales pitching to buy ads. Basically, programmatic advertising is buying ad spaces using a machine.

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Title Text (8).pngThe most striking reason why programmatic ad buying is important is its efficiency. Buying and selling online ad spaces manually using sales agents and such cost so much money and time. With programmatic advertising, all the advertiser has to do is to use the software that is programmed (hence, the name) to facilitate the trade of ad spaces and (wait for it!) your ad will be automatically published!

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Title Text (9)Well, there are several ways on how you can do programmatic advertising for your business. One is for you to handle it yourself. You have to have access to programmatic advertising platform such as Google Adwords and the likes and operate, publish, and manage your campaigns. Another way is to contact a programmatic advertising management company to do all the dirty job for you.

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Title Text (10)If you already have experience in programmatic advertising or if you think you can do it yourself, using a self-serve platform *might* work for you. However, if you are all new to this, you might as well considering having your campaigns managed by an agency; otherwise you might be spending on something that will not work. You can contact New Angeles Media to explain all of how they can help you with when it comes to programmatic advertising. Good news, they are offering a free 45-minute consultation for the first 50 clients who will contact them.

There are more to learn about programmatic advertising. Reading it online would help but will not suffice. Contact help as soon as possible so that you will not be left out by your competitors.


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