AdWords for the Medical and Plastic Surgery Industry: Two Tips on How to Operate Growth

No, I didn’t make that pun. But yes, we can easily “operate” through your Google Adwords Campaign for medical and plastic surgery industry and expect consistent growth.

For agencies like us with a client pool consisting of at least 60% medical clients, it is very frustrating to course through Google Adwords especially if you have to sell products like “butt lift” or “breast augmentation”. Google has very strict NSFW ad guidelines and they have even more stricter guidelines for ads on the health industry. Furthermore, the keywords for this industry are (more often than not) having very low average monthly searches. And guess what, these two obstacles are the easiest to overcome – optimization being one more crucial thing. But with our experience, we will help you jumpstart your medical (plastic surgery) ads with these two (never-heard-of, or probably you did) tips on how to grow your Adwords campaign.

  1. Use targeted keywords
    Choosing for the keyword to leverage is already made easier by Google Keyword Planner. However, exactly targeting those keywords to your desired audience is probably harder (or so you think. Ha!). Find a keyword that is relevant to your product/services that has low competition. This way, you can win this keyword easily and at a lower price. For one of our clients, MiKO Plastic Surgery, we have identified three prospect keywords to fight for (THIS IS WAR, kidding): (1) brazilian butt lift, (2) mommy makeover, and (3) ethnic rhinoplasty.
You should look at whether or not the keywords are winnable. Check the average monthly searches, the competition, and the suggested bid. 

Once you have them, format them properly. When you add the keywords to your campaign, putting it plainly will not make it targeted. When you put brazilian butt lift in your campaign, the tendency is for it to be shown in searches that includes at least one of the words in the keyword – and you don’t want that because it might increase your number of impressions, but totally not your number of conversions. One Adword hack is to put a plus (+) sign in between the words so it would be shown brazilian + butt + lift, this way, google will automatically recognize it as a full keyword and will only send you impressions with exact match. We also use brackets [brazilian butt lift] to signify this. And make sure to set this with “exact match” option. Once you’ve already done this, create a separate Adgroup exclusively for each keyword. This way, the ads that will be shown in the adgroup won’t compete with your focused keywords and the rest of the keywords that you have. Once you have been able to set this up, you will see a massive improvement in your results.

Create a specific adgroup exclusive to your focused keywords. This way, the ads in the adgroup won’t compete with other non-related keywords. 
  1. Use Dynamic Search Ads

Aside from the fact that the dynamic search ads don’t show photos which means it will be easier to be approved by Google, dynamic search ads presents a lot of benefits.

One of the best benefits of DSA’s is that it holds more text than ordinary search ads. This means that you can send your message to your audience without worrying about the 25-word limit! *insert cheers*

Strategically, DSAs are good as a way to mine for new keywords. Where the keyword planner fails to tell you about that extremely specific term for a Nike shoe that gets 5 sales on 20 clicks each month, DSAs will be right there harvesting data. Having them running in the background makes sure you don’t miss out on changes in user behavior or new keyword trends.”

And finally, you don’t lose anything when you switch from dynamic search ads than regular text ads. All settings, ad extensions, and mobile compatibility are the same! So guess what gave us 3,295 impressions for a keyword with 30 monthly average searches in just two weeks? Dynamic search ads!

We know that handling your Adwords campaign can be tough. But need not to fret! We are here to help you operate your Adwords campaign. Just contact New Angeles Media and we’ll save the day!




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