5 Hacks to Be the Best Performing Adwords Campaign in your Industry

Let’s face it: Growing your Adwords campaign is hard, but beating your competition is harder. It even is harder when you are operating in industries like health and cosmetic surgery. But there are #lifehacks to navigate through your Adwords campaign and be on top of your competitors.

Now that you are starting to grow your Adwords campaign to a greater height (if not, read this), you should now start to focus on how can you get pass through your more tenured competitors who have enormous ad budgets that you cannot afford. Yes, we did it with one of our clients, and the results are empowering and unbelievable.

Here are few Adwords hacks that will pull your campaign up in the Adwords meter:

  1. Know where you are in the rankings vis-à-vis your competitors.

Knowing what your current ranking is the first step to take if you want to overpower your competitors. Get to know how many impressions share you get by generating your Auction Insight report. It is a tool in Adwords that compare the impressions you get with the impressions your competitors are getting. By knowing where you are right now, you can plan your next steps to optimize your campaigns.

Auction Insight reports show you your impression rate, average position, and outranking share relative to your competitors. 
  1. Launch multiple ads and choose the best.

As they say, there is no perfect ad copy; but there are ads that are working better than the other. However, you will never know which ad copy will work and which ad copy won’t. A smart Adwords manager would launch at different ad copies for a minimum budget for at least three days. When the ads are starting to generate impressions, review the statistics! Look at the ads that are performing the best and duplicate them. Capitalize on those ads that are working and deactivate those that gathered fewer impressions. Value for Money!

Two ads that we tested for MiKO Plastic Surgery. Notice that one is a more general copy and the other one is more specific towards “Ethnic Rhinoplasty”.


  1. Focus your Keywords by separating them per ad group.

.Having a lot of keywords in an ad group result to an ad competing for different ad placements, this will hurt your impression share. Determine the keywords that are strong by looking at which keyword get the most impression and create a separate ad group for those keywords. The separate ad group will help an ad focus on one keyword which is highly likely to win the bidding because all of the budget allocated to the specific ad group will be spent for bidding for a single keyword.

Each ad group only contains ONE keyword. 
  1. Adjust Ad schedules and run ads on primetimes.

Ad words allow you to schedule the delivery of your ads and you have to maximize the benefit of this optimization technique. The rationale behind this is there are times of the day/week that most people are more likely active in using the internet and there are times that most people aren’t glued on their gadgets. Why would you spend money on ads that are not being served to the right audience at the right time anyway? Start with running your ads indefinitely without a schedule. Once the results are enough to make smart conclusions, eliminate time slots/days where the ads are not performing. Bonus: Instead of eliminating time slots, you can increase the budget on slots that the ads are performing its best.

The ads for our client run from Mondays to Sundays between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM with 10% bid adjustment on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. 
  1. Negate the keywords that are not profitable.

Not all keywords are winnable; not all can give you enough impressions. But since those keywords are set up in your campaign, Google will try its best to deliver impressions to those keywords. THIS IS A TRAP! Since those underperforming keywords will get very low impressions (which you will have to pay, by the way), you spend a portion of your budget just to get 1 or 2 clicks from them instead of spending the same amount on more profitable ones and get 50 or 100 clicks. What you have to do is to remove those keywords in your campaign and add them to the “negative keyword” list. By doing this, you prevent Google from delivering your ads to those keywords.

Adwords hacks only serve as guides on how you can optimize your campaign. Always remember that not all campaigns are the same – each has its unique needs. New Angeles Media will help you address your specific needs when it comes to your Adwords campaign to make sure that you too can overpower and dominate competition.